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please scream quietly inside your heart
3 NEW SONGS + all previously released singles on one EP
Now Streaming Everywhere – Click Below

JUST ADDED – New LFS Clothing Gear

We’ve updated our store with new designs to celebrate the release of “Please Scream Quitely Inside Your Heart.”



Note from Jesse:

It’s crazy to think that we’re already here! The full EP “please scream quietly inside your heart” released on August 31st, 2021, and is NOW AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE MUSIC IS STREAMED OR SOLD! 

Coming in later in 2021:

We’re already hard at work on remixes for these songs and will have more info on that later this year. So stay tuned, save our albums and subscribe, cause we’re not done!

We have an official online store for all official LFS Gear. Please note that all products have multiple size and color options (which can affect pricing), so be sure to check out each one to find the right fit for you.


We’ve added new clothing gear to the LFS Store!




LFS Youtube channel

Stay up top date on videos released by Letters from Suburbia. We’re in the process of uploading our IGTV content to YouTube as well. We’ll post things in this space once it’s ready. Stay tuned!


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